On "Factotum" and "Basquiat"

I am concerned that all of the “good” artists and writers were on the fringe of society. Bukowski was a drunk and Basquiat was an addict. Critics claimed their work suffered when they were “clean.” Does one have to be repellent or an addict in order to be "Great?" Maybe not even just seen by others as Great, but even be capable of being Great? Many of the Great authors committed suicide or died in obscurity. Why? I am concerned that maybe they they understand things that others don’t, or that looking into the abyss for too long may make you cast yourself in.

I have spent a few hours (on the Internet) with Charles Bukowski and Jean-Michel Basquiat and I find them interesting and important. I had never heard of either of these artists before seeing the films about them, (Factotum and Basquiat) much the same as my fascination with Diane Arbus since seeing the movie “Fur.” With every new film I expand my appreciation for Art. I also believe in this idea or concept of Art, and that it is what makes us individuals and is innately human. Maybe it is that great capacity for individual creativity is what set apart Bukowski and Basquiat and in the end overwhelmed them.

Everyone should explore this ability even if it is just for themselves. Write-paint-draw-play-compose-move-dance-stitch-weave-construct-discover-CREATE. The capacity to create makes us human, and individuals.


#167 Dad said...

I also met Bukowsk. I landscaped his yard. He was such an interesting character I was inspired to read everying he wrote. Sure he was a drunk but he was a great writer. His brilliance was in his ability to address compicated issues with simplicity.

I'd be interested to read about your meeting with Hank.